But is it Art?

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I'm Corey. I'm an amateur, self-taught photographer. I took all of these pictures, including the two good ones. I've been lucky enough to wander a decent chunk of the planet with camera in hand touring as a crew member with a band. This blog covers those travels and whatever else I can find an excuse to squeeze down through my lens. Thanks for looking.

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Some sets, which will behave wildly differently depending on how Tumblr feels about tags at the given moment:
Abandoned | Animals | Black and White | Cemeteries | Churches | City | Decay | European Tour | In Solvent See Tour | Nature | Question and Picture | Self Portraits | Statues and Sculptures | Street Art and Graffiti | Texture | Vigeland | Western Fallout Tour

All images copyright Corey Goldberg

this is for a raccoon

this is for a raccoon

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