But is it Art?

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I'm Corey. I'm an amateur, self-taught photographer. I took all of these pictures, including the two good ones. I was lucky enough to wander a decent chunk of the planet touring as a crew member with a band and started taking pictures. This blog began with those travels and continues with me trying to look at my current surroundings with the same fresh eyes. Thanks for looking.

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Some sets, which will behave wildly differently depending on how Tumblr feels about tags at the given moment:
Abandoned | Animals | Black and White | Cemeteries | Churches | City | Decay | European Tour | In Solvent See Tour | Nature | Question and Picture | Self Portraits | Statues and Sculptures | Street Art and Graffiti | Texture | Vigeland | Western Fallout Tour

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Thanks. When I first got interested in taking pictures I shot a lot of macro stuff because my introductory camera had an amazing macro setting. Now I don’t have a macro lens so shooting those close-ups is a little tricky.  I debate between shooting more small features abstracted out of context like I used to, which were a lot more popular on tumblr than what I tend to post now, and trying to set up more photos in advance to tell some sort of story. I’m honestly not sure what to shoot anymore.

But if I can shoot something that isn’t porn but looks like porn, I guess that makes me proud. Maybe I’ll make a series of Things That Seem Pornographic.



If you think fetishizing Nazi imagery on a Tumblr blog grants you some imagineered currency of counter-culture edginess or quaint ironic detachment, feel free to continue to self-delude, but please do so without also re-blogging this particular Jew’s photos.

I am reposting…

And please unfollow me

acutelystressed replied to your photo

is the stache new?

I’ve had a full beard for 2 and a half years. I’m thinking of shaving it which is partly why I took some pictures with it tonight.

Thank you to everyone for playing along and helping me find a reason to take pictures. This experiment has thusfar only cost me one (1) follower, which is the same amount as that picture of my unbuttoned pants!

Feel free to send me more requests and I will get to them soonish. Otherwise I’m sure there will be more fake 4AD album cover style cemeteries and flowers coming too.