But is it Art?

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I'm Corey. I'm an amateur, self-taught photographer. I took all of these pictures, including the two good ones. I was lucky enough to wander a decent chunk of the planet touring as a crew member with a band and started taking pictures. This blog began with those travels and continues with me trying to look at my current surroundings with the same fresh eyes. Thanks for looking.

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Some sets, which will behave wildly differently depending on how Tumblr feels about tags at the given moment:
Abandoned | Animals | Black and White | Cemeteries | Churches | City | Decay | European Tour | In Solvent See Tour | Nature | Question and Picture | Self Portraits | Statues and Sculptures | Street Art and Graffiti | Texture | Vigeland | Western Fallout Tour

All images copyright Corey Goldberg

Thanks everyone for playing along and keeping me company with the asks last night. I was going to delete them all to keep this blog about photos rather than ego but then again who cares? So feel free to ask away and I promise an honest reply. Coming up, more exciting photos of leaves and graves.


No, is it good?


No, I am in a relationship with someone fantastic.


I used to read tons of comics religiously (I think in total I have about 20 long boxes worth?) from about when I was 12 up through when I quit my then job to work on a European concert tour and then couldn’t afford it. I’ve recently started picking up a few again like the new she hulk, the miracle man reprints, and silver surfer (I love mike Allred). I would like to find more independent and avant garde stuff again.


I took a rare sick day off from work and mostly stayed on the couch, but got around to doing some things like reading comic books which I never find the time for anymore. I also took some really bad pictures from the couch that I’ll probably post in some desperate cry for creative legitimacy six months or so from now.

Also the capitalization of Day in the question made me think of Morris Day and my copy of the Day-Zs girl group side project he tried to do.


Sometimes, which honestly is a whole lot more than I ever thought I possibly could, so I’ll take it.

The answer to the second part is: to love more, need less.


I love the artwork of George tooker. I have a small life mission of seeing as many of his works in person as I can. A print of his painting The Subway hangs over my living room sofa.

A second tier would include me listing hundreds of names and always feeling it incomplete, but tooker is special to me


I think I was raised by my Nes more so than any other parent. I stopped playing them for the most part when I realized that if I had out all the time I had into them into learning an instrument id be an incredible musician. Since then I have not gotten any better as a musician . I still play a few sometimes and someday completing adventures of Lolo 3 is on my list of ultimate life achievements.


I’m in my mid 30s which in tumblr years makes me eligible for a senior citizen discount.


I live in New Jersey.

So I am being kept awake by back pain. Ask me and/or the pain killers something and receive an honest and pointlessly self indulgent answer! It’s free.